What Is Required To Be A Pmu Artist?

Permanent Cosmetics requires specialized education and training- a combination of dexterity, artistic and technical skill and communication with the client is what leads to the final look of the cosmetic procedure. You may also hear permanent cosmetics referred to as ‘derma pigmentation’, ‘micro pigmentation’ or ‘cosmetic tattooing.

The job market for professional permanent cosmetics technicians is a lot like that for estheticians, with many working at either a permanent cosmetic practice, doctor’s office or day spa. Nearly ninety percent of permanent cosmetics professionals are self-employed and earning commissions from 50 to 80 per cent- the industry is thriving.

Every state has different specifications for learning and licensing. Some states require a separate license for permanent cosmetics, in some states they fall under a general tattoo license. Some states don’t regulate the profession at all, but those that do usually require a minimum amount of training. Most training courses for permanent cosmetics applications last from 5 days to several months, with many professionals in the field choosing to continue their education with refresher courses. Several states allow you to apprentice in a permanent cosmetics facility for some or all of your hours.

What skills make for a good permanent makeup artist?


As previously mentioned, many permanent makeup artists are self-employed. This requires a go-getter attitude and lots of hard work


Permanent makeup professionals need to be good with their hands and able to work in small, concise movements. Through your training and experience, these skills will continue to improve.

Customer Service

Having good customer service will help you get those repeat clients and referrals that you need to stay afloat. For many people, permanent makeup is something that patients will feel nervous or embarrassed about. Making them feel comfortable and confident will go a long way.

Knowledge of Science and Chemistry

You don’t have to be a science graduate, but you definitely need to understand the chemistry and science. How is that possible? It is indeed your school’s responsibility or the person you obtain your certification from responsibility to walk you through all the science that is required to become a good permanent makeup artist. Therefore, choosing the right school it should be important.

Having a mentor

Unless you know a lot of people in the industry that have been working and are able to guide you, it is indeed a good idea to stay connected with the school/trainer that has trained you or questions postgraduation. At school of PMU we welcome our alumni for any questions they may have in running their operation smoothly.

Salary Potential

Getting accurate statistics on the average salary of permanent cosmetics technicians is tough as many are individually employed or independently contract their services. Services range from $99 to $1500 apiece depending on your demographic, experience and skill level.

If you’re interested in a career as a permanent cosmetics practitioner, contact school of permanent makeup. Our curriculum is designed for your success. We deliver detailed fundamentals in theory to give you a solid foundation in the field of permanent makeup.

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