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If you’re searching for “tattoo removal training California” then search no more as the School of PMU in Walnut Creek, CA offers a comprehensive class. This in-person course teaches you tattoo removal with hands-on practice. Receive the best training at the School of PMU and master tattoo removal!

You will receive a certification of completion showing your mastery in tattoo removal upon graduating from your training. All courses come with one month of mentorship during which you can receive support from our certified instructors.

Topics Covered

The CRC tattoo removal system is a safe and effective noninvasive method to remove tattoos. It uses a natural biochemical solution that provides gradual destruction of the skin layers to remove color pigment. The natural ingredients work to remove fragments of the pigment and initiate tissue repair, reducing scarring. Anesthesia is not required. Topics covered in the class include:

  • CRC Tattoo remover science and theory – learn how CRC is one of the most innovative, non-invasive solutions
  • Understanding the structure and functions of the skin – we teach fundamentals about skin structure and skin prototypes
  • Other removal processes comparison – learn about other tattoo removal applications
  • Contraindications – understand why people with certain conditions such as psoriasis should not receive this solution
  • Demonstration and student model practice – watch the CRC removal demo and learn how to perform the technique

Included in this training is how to market tattoo removal services to your clients.

About the School of PMU

Your search for “tattoo removal training California” ends with the School of PMU in Walnut Creek—located about 25 miles northwest of San Francisco. Owner Shareen, a master trainer with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, combines science and expertise to create the best training. She has over 15 years of training experience worldwide and established the School of PMU in 2010. Enroll in the tattoo removal class now and become a certified tattoo removal expert!

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