How to Enroll in Certified Microshading Classes Near Me

Suppose you want to take your eyebrow artistry skills to the next level. There are plenty of certified microshading learning opportunities to grab online. Certified microshading classes have massive advantages, including showing your clients you know what you are doing. You can also charge a little higher than the unaccredited microshading technicians.

What Is Eyebrow Microshading?

Microshading is a cosmetic technique involving applying semi-permanent makeup to a client’s eyebrows. This delicate makeup process creates fantastic natural-looking results for those with sparse eyebrows.

Ways to Find Genuine Microshading Classes

Many sites advertise for microshading lessons. But some of them could be scams, so it’s best to discriminate and carefully pick the right ones. Here is a guideline.

1. Check for Microshading Classes That Are Accredited

You can search on the internet for only those classes approved by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM). The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) approved schools is also an excellent place to search as they provide microshading certification to most English-speaking countries.

2. Enroll in Classes That Offer More Than 100 Hours of Training

Accurate microshading classes are intense and follow a step-by-step process from start to finish. Such classes are no less than 100 hours due to the nature of the theory, and examinations to undertake.

3. Attend Classes with a Live Instructor

Typical AAM and SPCP-approved classes require that you have one on one practical lessons with your instructor. You may have to make travel arrangements if necessary for that purpose. Besides the enrollment fee, you will also need to pay for AAM or SPCP membership


Enrolling in a certified microshading class can propel your eyebrow enhancement career to heights. It means you get only quality and high-paying clients due to your accreditation. Please speak to us today for more information about microshading classes.

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