Foundational Courses at Eyelash School

There are many opportunities for you to work as an eyelash extension specialist or technician. But first, your journey to becoming a master eyelash artist starts at the best eyelash school. You do not need working experience to learn the lash technique. Therefore, you can begin your new career today.

3 Lash Techniques to Learn at Eyelash School

1. Eyelash Extension
The lash extension 2-day course enables learners to develop skills and gain knowledge to improve their expertise. Whether you are a first-time student or an experienced lash artist, you will learn from the best eyelash extension experts to develop and upgrade your extension technique.
Some of the topics you learn during this training include:

  • Lash extension morphology and select the recommended lash.
  • Importance of using under-eye collagen patches.
  • Tools and supplies preparation.
  • Hygiene and safety procedures.

2. Microblading and Microshading
This technique is a level 1 microblading and microshading 3-day training where students learn many cosmetic procedures, including:

  • Color theory and pigment selection.
  • Client consultation and well-informed approval.
  • Eyebrow technique.
  • Facial morphology.
  • Needle selection.
  • Numbing–when/not to.

The Eyelash training facility you choose to join can allow you to learn and work as an apprentice in a licensed beauty parlor or salon.

3. Brow Creation
The 3-day ombre brow creation course trains learners on how to master the latest and trending eyebrow embroidery permanent makeup (PMU) method in the country. Some topics you will learn in level 1 training for this course include:

  • Ombre theory skin preparation.
  • Correct placement of hands.
  • Machine configuration and handling.
  • Shading and gradient techniques.
  • Borderless brows.

You will also need to complete hands-on practice on two models on the third day of your class at Eyelash school. At the end of your level 1 training, you should know how to use magnums and flat shader needles.

You will take between 2-3 days to complete the training for a level 1 course. After your completion of training at a licensed Eyelash school, you can earn about $350 per hour working as a professional lash artist.

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