Eyelash Extension Classes

Eyelash Extension Classes

If you’re looking for eyelash extension classes then look no more as the School of PMU with locations in California and Texas offers just what you need. Learn everything from tools and supplies preparation to proven patterns for full sets of lashes. The in-person training teaches you eyelash extension with hands-on practice. Receive the best training at the School of PMU and become an expert in eyelash extension!

We have put together a comprehensive training program. It includes supervised practice sessions, a 20-hour apprenticeship program, checklists and worksheets, and a business-building kit. You also will have access to ongoing support and receive information on online resources. You will earn an eyelash extension certificate of completion upon graduating from training.

Topics Covered
We want to ensure you have foundational knowledge, understand all the aspects of eyebrow extensions, and be prepared when you start working with clients. Topics in the class include:

  • Lash extension morphology and choosing the right lashes
  • Importance of primer
  • Two different types of removers and when to use each one
  • Importance of using under-eye collagen patches
  • The uses and benefits of the straight and curved tweezers
  • Simple, proven patterns for full sets of lashes
  • Tools and supplies preparation
  • Hygiene and safety protocols
  • Client consultation process

We’ve just added new topics as a bonus—learn about brow lamination and lash lift.

Get Ready, Master, Go!

Sign up for comprehensive eyelash extension classes from experienced artists at the School of PMU. Principal trainer Shareen established the school over a decade ago. A master trainer, she has over 15 years of training experience worldwide. The School of PMU is one of the most reputable permanent makeup schools in the country. We offer comprehensive classes and ensure you’re ready to work on clients upon finishing your training. We give you a roadmap to success—take our hands-on eyelash extension classes, start practice sessions, apprentice with seasoned artists, and start building your business. Get Ready, Master the technique, and Go!

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