Defining Techniques With Different Permanent Makeup Methods

There are many ways to apply permanent cosmetics including digital and analog rotary pen devices, traditional coil machines, or even manual hand methods known as microblading or microstroking, or soft tap. Whatever your preferred technique, At School of PMU, We define machines from German and Polish brands as elite method of pigment application in skin. 

Manual hand methods
Microblading (or microstroking) is primarily an eyebrow technique and is performed manually with a hand tool that has a row of fine needles affixed to a handle. The needles are drawn across the skin creating channels to simulate hair growth patterns that pigment is then spread across and pushed into. If performed by a well trained and talented artist, microblading can look very natural. However, because of the small amount of pigment that gets implanted, microblading results often do not last as long as traditional permanent makeup.

Digital and analog rotary pen devices
Rotary machines are devices with electrical motors that convert a rotary, or spinning, motion into a linear motion which then drives needles in and out of the skin in a fluid motion.

There is a plethora of rotary tattoo machines to choose from. However, many that are made for traditional body art tattooing are very powerful and not appropriate for use on a woman’s face unless used by a very experienced technician.

Digital rotary devices are the state-of-the-art when it comes to applying permanent cosmetics, including medical applications such as scar camouflage and areola pigmentation, by offering the technician the perfect balance of power and technology.

Traditional coil machines
A traditional coil machine uses electromagnetic energy generated by current passing through a pair of coils and a spring which causes the machines armature bar to draw and release, thereby “tapping” the needles into the skin.

Compared to most rotary devices, coil machines are very powerful and very loud and intimidating and are rarely used by permanent makeup technicians.

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